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Our Suppliers

  • Dashing Tweeds

    Founded by photographer Guy Hills and woven textile designer Kirsty McDougall, Dashing Tweeds is an innovative new company challenging the market with a range of fabrics that encompass elegance, colour, heritage, technology, innovation and humour. An example of their innovation is a tweed woven with reflective yarn to illuminate cyclists! Definitely a weaver of fabrics for the 21st century, whilst still maintaining the quality of traditional British cloth.

  • Marton Mills

    Marton Mills was founded in 1931 as a manufacturer of predominately knitted textiles but in 1980 transferred to woven fabrics due to a change in the market.

    It is a family owned business and prides itself on weaving the highest quality of fabric at the company’s mill in Wharfedale.

  • Fox Brothers & Co

    Fox Brothers have produced woollen and worsted fabric for nearly two hundred and fifty years, based in Wellington, Somerset. Not only have they led the way in innovation but also produce some of the worlds most iconic cloths, especially known for their huge range of Fox Flannels.

  • W. Bill

    Woollen merchants since 1846. Suppliers of fine tweed and Shetland pullovers for men of substance from Sir Ernest Shackleton and Sir Edmund Hilary to Dr Who.

  • Lovat Mill

    Based in Hawick, an ancient Scottish border town, it is a long established historic company with a reputation for weaving the highest standard sporting cloths.

  • Lear Browne & Dunsford

    Based in Exeter, the original centre of the UK woollen industry, Lear Browne and Dunsford, founded in 1895 by the respective families, continue to this day to supply fine quality fabrics and linings to the tailoring world. 

  • Porter & Harding

    Porter & Harding was founded in 1947 by John Porter and Bill Harding, two lovers of country sports. George Harrison & Co became partners in Porter & Harding with shared warehousing in Edinburgh and shared offices in Paris and New York, ensuring all the world can benefit from fine British cloths.

  • H Lesser

    “The finest cloth without exception.” Throughout the long history of H Lesser the company gained a reputation for purveyors of some of the finest cloths ever made.

  • Harrisons Of Edinburgh

    Harrisons of Edinburgh was founded in 1863 by Sir George Harrison who began his career as an apprentice with an Edinburgh tailor. His first business venture was with a partner in establishing a business of wool drapers, hatters and hosiers in 1838. They now offer a wonderful range of cloths for every occasion.

  • Bateman Ogden

    Established in 1881 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Bateman Ogden are cloth merchants specialising in luxury suiting and jacketing fabrics. They blend traditional favourites with innovative new designs and offer a vast range
  • Very English Weaving Company

    Finest woollen cloth manufactured by Z Hinchliffe & Sons in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The Zaccheus collection is a luxury range of exclusive cloth with a drape and feel that sets it high above the standard.

  • Johnstons Of Elgin

    Founded in 1797 on the banks of the River Lossie and has only been run by two families, the Johnstons and the Harrisons. In the 1840’s Johnstons of Elgin was involved in the origination of a range of designs known as Estate Tweeds. Colours were chosen that blended well with the background of mountain and moor, the most famous being the Lovat Tweed. Johnstons is the UK’s last remaining vertically integrated woollen mill and is the only one to carry out all the processes from raw material to finished garments.

  • Islay Woollen Mill

    Established in 1883 and Islay’s only mill. It re-opened in 1981 and is owned and run by Gordon and Sheila Covell. The mill uses historic looms dating from Victorian times and its designs have featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as Braveheart, Forest Gump, Rob Roy and Far and Away.

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