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The Best Shops In London (Pt. 1)

As we travel into London regularly to meet with clients, occasionally we make the most of it by visiting some of the more unusual and interesting shops that London has to offer.
Here are some of our favourites:
James Smith & Sons

Not only an incredible shop front but also a treasure trove inside. Every type of stick and umbrella you can imagine and adjusted whilst you wait. Not much has changed here since it opened its doors (at this location) in 1857!


Worth visiting purely for the architecture alone, the fact that it also is a one-stop shop for the niche and the interesting is a bonus. Beautiful flowers, antique rugs and fantastic antique furniture are just a few of our favourite items from the original Aladdin’s cave.

James J. Fox

Whether in the field or after a long day in the workroom, many of the team here enjoy a good cigar. As the supplier to people of note such as Sir Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde, and with over 225 years of expertise, Fox’s is our favourite place to get them.

Heywood Hill

Described by the Telegraph as "Unique, magical and quietly influential", this is a booklover’s bookshop. Whilst they love a challenge in rooting out the perfect next book, they are just as happy discussing the works of PG Wodehouse (a favourite of yours truly). Their ‘Year In Books’ is also a fantastic present idea for those hard to buy for people.

Paxton & Whitfield

As Winston Churchill once observed "a gentleman only buys his cheese at Paxton & Whitfield". Whether you are buying a selection of cheese for a dinner party or one of their famous ‘cheese wedding cakes’, we are always impressed with both the variety and the knowledgeable staff.

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