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Five Guns We’d Love To Receive This Christmas!

Whilst there are many beautiful guns out there, we have brought together five guns (or pairs of) that we here at Percy Ivor would love to find neatly wrapped under the tree this Christmas.
Watson Bros Over & Under
Man made in the city of London and in lightweight form, this gun is both beautiful and easy to carry, even on walked up days. Chosen for display at the Victoria and Albert museum in their power of making exhibition.
Purdey Sidelock Side By Side Pair
Built in the sought after 1930’s period, these guns are perfect for those big days on the pheasants or a day on the moor. Remarkably preserved with case, tools and even their original canvas outer, they have not seen much work and are ready to go.
P.O.R. from
David McKay Brown Round Action Pair
Guns from this sought after maker rarely come to the market, these guns being a perfect example of why! Beautiful looking and balanced with modern barrel lengths of 29”, these are often the choices of those in the trade as their ‘money no object’ maker.
£65,350 from
Westley Richards .470 Droplock Double Rifle
When tackling big game, is there anything more suitable? A fantastic calibre, droplocks in case of malfunction in the bush and quick follow up thanks to double triggers. The one you want at hand when you see that buffalo charging you down.
£95,000 from
J.Woodward & Sons Hammer Gun
Considered such a genius that Purdey bought the firm. A beautiful yet practical (as both barrels are nitro proved) gun from a time when everything was made by hand by some of the most talented and innovative gunmakers lived.


100% Made in Britain
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