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The Making Of... Our Cufflinks

In the first of what we hope will become a regular series, we show the creation of our cufflinks by very talented jeweller James Veale.  

James hard at work.


James’ process begins with taking an original Edward Waites sculpture ( and scaling it down to the correct size for the application, in our case cufflinks, ensuring that all the detail is kept.


Edward Waites with his recent model of Makfi, which was on show at Royal Ascot.


Using the highly skilled and traditional process of lost wax casting, each piece is then made in wax before being inserted in ceramic shell mould material and coated before being allowed to dry.


Once completely dry, the mould is ‘burnt out’ in a kiln, melting all of the wax and leaving the hollow vessel behind, now hardened and ready for use. It is into this vessel that the molten silver is poured before being allowed to solidify.


Finally the vessel is split and the internal piece removed before being chased and polished, leaving behind the finished article.


Each piece is meticulously hand-finished in James’ workshop in Cambridgeshire and carries a London hallmark.


View the collection here.

The finished article, a pair of Hare Cufflinks.

100% Made in Britain
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